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    Thumbs up Affiliate Network - One of the best! - Affiliate Network
    Taking your affiliate campaigns to new heights. An honest review.

    I was impressed by PeerFly the minute their homepage loaded in my browser. Typically, when you find a link to a "new affiliate network" and go to their site you will find a crappy, ten minute Template Monster page with a link to sign up as a publisher, which will redirect you to their DirectTrack subdomain. Well, PeerFly is not like that. has been custom coded and built from the ground up by it's founder Chad French. Chad has a lot of experience in the affiliate realm and is also pretty well know as the original creator of (which he sold). By creating a unique custom coded and designed backend to PeerFly he has really made it stand out from the rest.

    Do you hate those follow-up phone calls required by most affiliate networks? PeerFly has an automated phone number verification system that is just one feature that sets them apart from the rest. Once you account is approved you can login to their beautiful Publisher backend.

    Their rock solid backend makes it easy for you to find offers that will convert well with your traffic. They have a new "Trust Rating" system that rates an offer based on how well it is doing with other publishers so you can tell which offers you should trust. PeerFly's reports system also is great. It's simple and very effective.

    PeerFly accepts international affiliates and has several payment options:
    • PayPal (instant payment with NO FEES)
    • Postal Check
    • Direct Deposit
    • Bank Wire

    Currently PeerFly is net30 for starting affiliates, but once you start earning you can be bumped up to net15. I have been bumped to net15 and I've only done about $1,300 with them.

    They do have incentive offers and a postback url tool so that you can receive instant notification once an offer is completed.

    I know by now I have you locked in so here's what you need to do. GIVE THEM A TRY. Sign up and take a look at what they have to offer. They're a new network, but they're a ROCK SOLID new network.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll answer them to the best of my ability and if there's anything I can't answer I will have Chad (PeerFly owner) come and answer them

    I am now an Affiliate Manager at PeerFly.
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