General Support Thread

As some of you know, I was recently hired on as Publisher Support for I thought I would take it upon myself to setup a general support thread here on NB because I know quite a few of you are already pubs and I hope that as I become more active on the forum some of you who not already a part of our network will join up.

You are welcome to post any publisher related questions you might have. I'm subscribed to this thread and I'll visit it a few times a day to answer any questions that are posted.

You are also welcome to contact me using our contact form: Affiliate Network - Taking You To New Heights!
(my e-mail, AIM screenname, and phone number are also all available on that page)

A few questions that I know will pop up are:

How often are publishers paid?
Brand new publishers are setup on net30. However, after we have seen you are running traffic and there are no issues with fraud we will bump you up to net15 right away (if you want).

Do you offer payment via PayPal?
Yes! We are one of the few networks out there that still offer payment via PayPal. We do mass pay so there are no fees as well.

What is the minimum amount required to be earned to be paid?
Our minimum payment threshold is $50. If you are having a hard time hitting that minimum make sure to contact me so we can get you moving in the right direction

Do you require the usual follow-up call?
No! The PeerFly network has been custom built from the ground up by our own in-house programming team. One of the many benefits of this is that we can make our network more suitable to our publishers. We have an automated system setup to verify your phone number so you do not have to wait for an affiliate manager to call you.

Do you accept international affiliates?
Yes. You also get the same payment options as everyone else.

Well, I hope that covers some of the basic questions. If I left something out please post it and I will answer ASAP