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Thread: Pharmacy Affiliates

  1. Pharmacy Affiliates

    Anyone here using any pharmacy affiliate programs?

    What are your favorites? Discuss away.

    4rx is doing well for me recently.

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    What, no one else here doing pharmacy? recently increased their affiliate commissions to 25% so it's worth checking out. It's a great program that has been around for many years and they have the largest inventory of different drugs. Before their aff commission was 10% which was not really worth the effort when everyone else is paying 25%+.

    I'm still mostly using 4rx, but really hate their lack of proper tracking software and support. The ease of use, good prices and commissions make up for that though

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    Ya, haven't delved into that realm yet. I know Kovich was mucking around with it a while back, but don't know if he got serious about it or not...btw haven't seen him around here for a while either...

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