Hey gang,

Today I'm gonna talk about preselling.

What Is Preselling
Preselling is the term used to describe selling a product to a person without them actually buying anything. You see, there's two kinds of purchases: The physical kind and the mental kind. The physical kind is when two people actually exchange goods or services for monetary gain on the side of the seller. The mental kind is the combined effort of the gimmicks, the advertising, the strategies, the bargaining, and everything else that goes into grabbing a person's attention in order to get them to buy something. Think of it as a presidential election: the people who run for president (or any office, for that matter) are wanting you to give them your individual "personal power". These politicians spend months and sometimes even years before the elections in order to convince you that they're the best person for the job. They tell you about themselves and they ask questions about what you'd like to see done in order to make you feel as if that person isn't some leader who's off in the distance but rather your friendly neighbor who's only interested in helping you. That's what preselling is all about. When you presell an item or a service, you are manipulating your customers into creating a mental attachment to your company and they don't even know it. If you presell your product right then by time it comes to actually sell the customer the item in question, they'll already be falling over heels to purchase it from you as quick as possible. This is what big corporations do every day and it's not that hard to learn at all. This article will go over the different things you need to do in order to presell your goods and services to the consumer.

Get To Know Each Other
The main focus of your preselling campaign should be for you and your customers to get to know each other. Tell them about yourself: Give your background, how you got into this business, mention your wife and kids (even if you don't have any), include pictures of you and your family, talk about your interests and hobbies, and talk a little about where you want to go in the future, both in your personal life and your career. Now ask your customers some questions about themselves. Ask what they are looking for in your company (and similar companies), ask them about their experience with similar services in the past, ask them what kind of changes they would make to your company if they could, and ask them some random personal questions as well (but not too personal! You don't want to scare them off).

Another big thing that you need to concentrate on is the total appearance of your company. As most people have some level of Internet access, make sure your company has a website. Often, these days, the first time someone hears about a company, they look it up on the Internet. If you have a website that your customers and potential customers can interact with then you'll open a broad spectrum of people to your company. Often times, people don't want to have to call up a company just to hear about what you have to offer. Remember, you're there to please the customer, not the other way around. Another reason why you should have a website is because it opens you up to a national or even international market in which people from many different places to instantly order your products and have them shipped to them. This is how most people make purchases now. Also, make sure that you have a business card. A good logo and a nice design can make or break a company as that's what people will associate you with. Take Google, for instance. When you think of Google, the image of Google's multi-color logo instantly pops into your head. If you don't like the Google example, then think of Walmart. Walmart has long been associated with cheap prices and the ever-spirited yellow smiley face man. Make sure that you choose a nice logo and a good overall design, including the design of your website, and a good motto. If you'd like, you could also add a mascot like we see in the Walmart example or the examples of Toys-R-Us, Wendy's, KFC, Burger King, or any number of other companies that people visit thousands of times every day. No matter which of these things that you do, the main idea is to get your customers to associate your company with a friendly idea. That idea can either be in the form of a mascot, a logo, a motto, or even just the content of your website and the reputation that you have created for yourself, but it is crucial to getting your company out of the water and flourishing on dry land.

Spread The Word
After you've got the framework for your company setup, you'll want to get the word out as soon and as far-reaching as possible. This can easily be accomplished by purchasing adspace on sites like Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Ask, and even random websites that happen to get a lot of traffic. You could take an ad out in the local newspaper or even make a commercial. An alternative to paying for commercial adspace, though it may not be seen as much, is to simply make a powerpoint presentation on your computer to advertise your company and then upload the video on Youtube. Youtube videos often get dozens, if not hundreds, of thousands of hits every month. Some videos are seen millions of times in a matter of days. It all depends on how you word your subjects.

Promotional Offers
Be sure to include some sort of promotional offer every now and then, especially if you're just starting out. Kick things off with a grand opening in which everything is 20% off. This will really get the Moms and women in general in gear to see what you have. This will allow you to have loads of customers coming in to look at what you have and make a lot of sales but, more importantly, it will secure future customers as well. The cheap prices get them to rush in and check out your company but then as they discover that your products are good and they enjoyed doing business with you, they will be sure to return time and time again to buy even more stuff. This is very important to your new company.

Now that you have done all of these things, it's time to just relax and let the profits come rolling in. You may not even have an actual product or service to sell just yet but if you've followed this guide then you should have serious potential customers any day now.