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    Am I the only one here using Prosperent?

    Anyway, seems to be working really well for me. Basically, they have relationship with every major affiliate company and by working with them you get access to it all. CJ, SAS, GAN, etc. I think they have like 50,000,000 products in their database. Pretty much everything. You can place ads on your sites or they have a pretty sweet api.

    It is not PPC, it's CPA and you get paid the affiliate cut from a sale resulting from your clicks. They honor the underlying merchant cookies. They pay monthly. I get paid via PayPal but I think they have other options.

    Their ads target the serp query first, and then resort to contextual and other factors if there is no serp match. If you have a product based site or get product based searches to your pages it should work awesome.

    I've been using the ads on a handful of sites but just bought a template that lets me build a pretty cool site running on the api code. I am way pleased with the API and the sites that it can make.

    Anyone else using prosperent or just me?

    Here is a little API based site I put up

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    Not that anybody seemed to care, but I am having quite a bit of success setting up niche sites by the hundreds using Made for Prosperent and the prosperent api.

    Anyway, figured I would update with what I am using now. - Affiliate niche sites in seconds.
    (huh? I just pasted a url in here and it automatically named it. Wow, cool!)

    You can read about it more on the prosperent forums.

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