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Thread: Is this really hard to get the first cheque from click bank?

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    Is this really hard to get the first cheque from click bank?

    Recently I have make a account with click bank to earn by promoting their products, but somebody told me that it is very hard toget first cheque from click bank acc. to the term and condition of click bank.

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    you have to do a song and a dance but they will pay you. usually you have to submit your photo i.d. and then do a confirmation email they send to your home. there is other stuff but you usually have done that when its time to get paid. also if you click your own ads they will balk on everything when it comes to paying you. maybe your friend did that.. their terms are roughly the same as google and google pays. but even google will balk if they see srupid stuff with your profile like the same i.p address keeps clicking and not buying. stuff like that.

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    well I don't know if clickbank need id to be send out like we register at alertpay,I doubt it is there ,I have register cb and they asked me nothing about that,I think clickbank not as hard as that It is the same like adsense registration it just take no time to be approved, that is of course with harder duty then adsense does because impossible we can get that check unless we make sales-hard sales and real purchased and not click like adsense

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