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Thread: Is it really necessary to cloak an Affiliate Link?

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    Is it really necessary to cloak an Affiliate Link?

    I am quite new to affiliate marketing.

    I am an affiliate of a betting site. Although I believe it is the best betting site in Europe, but visitors do not always sign up when they see the site for first time. They may close their browser and visit again next time. Though visitors who click-thru on my referral link are cookied for 45 days, that means that even they visit the site and for some reason doesn't register straight away, the site will still recognise them as my referral (provided they register within 45 days), but if they clear their cookies, I will earn nothing. I personally will clear the cookies before leaving my browser, I wonder others will do the same.

    Do you think cloaking my affiliate link will solve the problem? That means visitors see my own domain, and they bookmark my domain, not the real site's domain. But I just don't want visitors to visit something like fake domain.

    If I don't want to cloak my affiliate link, will it affect my earnings?

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    Spam post already all over forums.

    I am quite new to affiliate marketing.
    Yeah, right!

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