Hey everyone!

If you weren't aware, I run an incentive site known as BucketBux. Basically, members sign-up and complete a variety of offers. In turn, I send them money. It's an interesting relationship between advertisers, affiliate networks, my website, and the members. It's profitable for everyone.

I just finished logging into my affiliate network accounts for today, checking up on the money I'm making, and paying my member's accordingly. Then it hit me! Why not share these networks with everyone?

Of course - there is a little bit of a catch. I'm going to use my referral link. My reviews of these networks are honest and legitimate. I just figured that since I'm sharing the information I have, it wouldn't hurt for you to use my link. Besides, I greatly appreciate it.

The first one I'd like to cover is the Panthera Network.

This is, by far, the best company I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Their support staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. When I was initially setting up my site, they helped me determine which offers would be the most successful, and they answered a few questions I had about the technical aspects of retrieving data from their servers. Panthera Network's support team can be reached via e-mail, AIM, and phone.

By the way, each month they run a new promotion that allows people working with them to make even more cash! Seems like a good deal to me.

The next one I enjoy is known as Premier Incentive.

I've never actually had to contact their support team - I'm not going to lie. Their website is easy to navigate, and very simple. There is no reason for anyone to encounter any problems while working with Premier Incentive. All members are assigned a Primary Affiliate Manager, Secondary Affiliate Manager, and then of course, the General Support Team.

Premier Incentive has a massive amount of campaigns and offers that you can use. The list is literally pages long. As we know, variety is always a great thing. They have a lot of tools and data which make your experience with them pleasurable.

Those are the only two I'm going to talk about for now. I'll post some more later!

Remember - you can utilize the services of these networks without having an incentive site. That's what makes them great! If you have a website about computers, you could find an offer from one of these networks related to computers, and place an advertisement on your page. Think of the possibilities! (One great thing I noticed is that these networks have a lot of holiday-related offers. I had an offer on BucketBux for flowers. My profits skyrocketed for Valentine's Day!)

Hope this helps! Have a great day, everyone. Good luck.

Edit: Forgot to mention! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!