So, I've mucked around in Sports for the last few years (varying sports, etc). I'm good on the cycles for Adsense money now, but have yet to really find a good affiliate scheme/product that works well for me. I've had varying levels of success in other niches with affiliate sales so don't need to be sold on just using a network in general.

Primary question for those who have made more than 1K USD in the sports niche (and are willing to share info) is if you have a favorite family of products or affiliate company that you like? I've had almost negative success with tickets (they drag my adsense income down and do not return the same amount for me when I do make sales), have not done an honest effort yet on emblematics (t shirts, etc), and limited on the gambling (I really don't like mucking around here).

Thoughts are welcome. If there are none, then I'll report out as I attempt to improve my ROI this coming US college sports season! Last year I was more than happy with Adsense, but in the areas that I have had affiliate success I know that I'm throwing money away by not doing both!

Anyone that is into sports and wants to do anything from link trading to partnering on things..just drop me a PM. Note if you have a blog, please make sure you have at least an article up so I know you can copy + paste into wordpress....
Happy Saturday.