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Thread: Tips To Get Conversions To Clicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy101 View Post
    It can be difficult to structure an affiliate website to satisfy the requirements to get good conversion of click-through s to an offer and provide lots of themed content with good site navigation.

    The standard approach of say a blog is to have a sidebar full of distractions, but a landing page tends to focus the visitor towards clicking a button or filling in an email form.
    I haven't had any success with affiliate banners in the sidebar. Adsense does well. But that probably due to the targeting and that people read the ad copy.

    Any suggestions on free squeeze page templates. This free template looks good? (You need to close the Pop-up Ad to download the Free Template)

    Quote Originally Posted by TopDogger View Post
    My first thought about moving the navigation to the footer is that a lot of people will not scroll down to look for it in the footer. They are probably more likely to hit the back button.
    The follow-up navigation like home, about us, more information and privacy etc could go into the footer.

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    I agree that visitors must be guided and, lets say lured. You have to attract them to where you would like them to come. I agree that a lot of time I surf on the Web but I do not have a specific goal. So, from time to time, when I see an interesting bait, I might bite it.

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