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For those who are newbies and don't know how to earn by sharing files. I have wrote a simple tutorial which is easy to understand and easy to implement. It's just need your time and efforts, more you give more you earn.

As you know Unlimited free file storage and free file hosting is free file hosting service which host your file free of cost and more over it let you earn by sharing those files. Experienced Affiliates are already earning but newbies may have trouble to begin and don't know what to upload, where to share and where to find.

I'll try my best to help you to begin with Megashare and start your carrier online, yes you can make your carrier with Megashare by simply sharing files with others. We have highest payout system around the globe so with some efforts and good knowledge you can earn MegaBuk$ with Megashare.

First of all, you have to find a file to share, let start with an eBook. I have attached a text file with this post in which you can find some good places to find huge number of eBooks. Go to those sites and download some eBooks. Now here comes another problem that which title or category is hot and downloaded most. For instant, forget about it and simply download some ebooks to just have a start.

However, I did some tests for you to tell you what people download most (look at the screenshots below). The first title uploaded was about Buildings and Architecture. It was downloaded around 300 times in first few days. Next title was Militay book, It was downloaded around 90 times in First few days. There is a huge difference in both numbers but don't under estimate military books as they are mostly downloaded by Americans and Germans because of their interest in World War II. Our system pays more for US and EU downloads so consider posting them. So, when you know more about the downloader's interest, you can earn more but Its all require time and expertise so be patient and continue uploading different titles and analyze your work from time to time. Once you picked up a title to share, don't forget to do some search on some big sites where you are going to post, if its already available there your all work will be wasted because it will not be approved either or won't get good number of downloads.

Now you have selected your book and don't know where to share them to get maximum downloads? In the attached text file, I have also included around 10 sites/forums where you can share your file initially and once you get to know how things work you can add more sites and forums and ofcourse more work means more download and which exactly means more money in your pocket. These are direct links to my eBook share thread so that you would know how to properly post a thread, just follow my method of posting on these sites, Some sites have specific format of post so exactly follow my way of posting. I have shared my own files on those sites and you can see the number of downloads are pretty good, so you can have a good start from there.

If you think outside the box you can earn some serious money by sharing some rare books, pictures or any video. It's all depends upon your own work now.

If you have any problem posting on any site, just drop a Message here and I'll be more than happy to help you out. Don't forget to download the help file to have a good idea to begin.

Unlimited free file storage and free file hosting

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