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Thread: What happens if I signup through my own affiliate links?

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  1. What happens if I signup through my own affiliate links?

    Hello guys, I am quite new to affiliate marketing and this question has been quite confusing me. What will happen if I buy a product through my own affiliate link. WIll I get commission? Sorry for asking such a silly question but I am quite a n00b to AM

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    Some merchants pay a commission to affiliates for their own purchases, while others do not. It depends upon the agreement with the merchant.

    You have nothing to lose by making a purchase and then seeing if you receive the commission.
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    Most will not let you sign up with your own affiliate link. Try it though and see what happens.

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    It just depends. One of the c-cig companies that I use, (greensmoke), will not give you credit for the sale if you bought product through another person first. IE, first person to land a customer for a sale, keeps the customer forever. Others, will let you do so after the fact. You just have to dig into the TOS and if the affiliate site/company/etc has a forum check there too.

  5. Thanks guys, now that solves most of my problems. I am going to check the TOS

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    Certain affiliate program have their own set of rules whereby some will allow self buying through own affiliate links while others don't. There's another option also in which you could get your good friend to buy on your behalf and then pay back the money. This is a safer option, I guess.

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    Yes, asking a friend to buy it then paying them back would be a lot, lot safer.

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