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Thread: Anyone noticed this or happening with me only?

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    Talking Anyone noticed this or happening with me only?

    Well i came back on netbuilders after a long time and was willing to contribute here.As soon as i clicked my profile there was a error running at top..
    took a snapshot.
    I am using firefox.

    ScreenHunter_03 May. 30 18.00.jpg
    just wanted to tell..

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    Havent seen it yet, but i'm on chrome. Will take a look.

    Added: made a minor change on your default view. Try logging out and back in.
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    Sorry but still no change.It comes only on clicking profile and not while browsing forum.
    It's not much but still as there seems some document writing code problem so better have a look.
    By the way enjoying reading lots of new articles and thread on netbuilde..keep up good work.

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