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Thread: Articles dead?

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    Articles dead?


    I haven't been on the forum in a while, but I'm back. I'm just wondering what happened to the tab 'articles'. There were a few good reads (besides some SPAM posts too), but after clicking the link it gives an error..

    Just wondering what's up, thanks!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I noticed that error months ago. Welcome back, BTW!

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    Yeah... they died with an update that screwed a lotta stuff up just before the transition of ownership. Will nailed some of the issues and gave it hell trying to figure that one out but didn't find the key. II lack his knowledge on that score so if he couldnt it's not likely I can.

    There's another update ready to go that I haven't installed... guess we could do it and hope it repairs the bug. Then again what else might it screw up. I'm traditionally slow on updates of any software to wait and see if someone else screams about the issues (which are always there) so I know what to watch for.
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    Haha okay sure no problem man, I was just wondering! But don't hurry too much on updates indeed, it often brings in more bad than good.

    And thanks Vectro! Glad to still see you around here
    |Nico Lawsons

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