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    Cartoon Advertising on NB

    This is to Will and his partner in the first instance.

    I own a UK Reg TM which is the "Double T Ted's" these are cartoon teddy bear characters registered as online adverts for websites with the UK's IPO (intellectual property office) Gov department.

    You can see how these Teddy bear characters are used to advertise here > Double T Teds TV Worlds Home and here Tted the Ted King of the Ted's and here > Tted the Ted.

    As you can see on the TVWorlds one I am using the characters on a VB forum presently to advertise my HostTed the Hosting Ted service (about to partner with my upline I resell for, for them to look after and improve the site hopefully).

    But what I would like to know is would this site be interested in having the ability of people commissioning cartoon characters to advertise their site/service/product using my teddy bear characters in the same way they are being used on tvworlds?

    I am sure if you wanted to we could negotiate a mutually beneficial arrangement and I have at least two professional cartoonists to choose from for commissions (four if things get crazy) one named Jamie Sale and the other named Lee Healey both of whom work as independent freelance cartonists in their own right with their own websites (one of which I host two of his websites).

    My cut/commission as Trademark owner above Jamie or Lee's fees would be minimal and we could have it so with any arrangement it gives the buyer the abilty to only use the artwork on this site unless they pay me and the artist independently for rights to use elsewhere. That's where I would make my bit extra rather then just a small cut/commission for use here.

    There have to be fees for them to use my Trademarked bears elsewhere as well as which the artists would require release fees for use of their work.

    These cartoon strips are a completely novel way of advertising, only presently used on and with the two examples advertising Double T Ted's things and I think you will agree they are an eye catching and unique form of advertising that as I say I own the Reg TM for.

    So would NB's owners be interested in this and negotiating a mutually beneficial arrangement?

    Will you and your partner might like to also discuss it with the mods and super mods in the private forum that is no doubt hidden to only those usergroups to get there take if you like the idea.
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