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Thread: Categorizing marketplace forum into WTS, WTB etc etc

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    Categorizing marketplace forum into WTS, WTB etc etc


    I found it easier to view the listing by further categorizing it into WTS, WTT, WTB etc.

    Example, there can be a nav link "wts". So when we are in the site forum searching for sites to buy, we can just click on the wts link, that will eliminating all the unnecessary wtb wtt, threads etc.

    Let's share our views on this.

  2. I wonder how we can do this without creating 30 new forums?
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    Probably can use colours to differentiate WTS, WTB, WTH, etc.

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    Is it possible to make a link to a script that uses the Advanced Search Feature Option 'Find Threads with Prefix':[WTB], [WTS] etc. ?

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