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Thread: Changes: Rep system added, misc other

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    Changes: Rep system added, misc other

    Added a rep system
    Just seems like a handy thing to have. Soon enough our top posters will be obvious. Makes sense for a new member to be able to identify the guys other posters believe has some credibility.... and ID the ones everyone knows is just posting crap for count.

    It also allows users a chance to sort of self-police the spammers. Use it wisely, please avoid scathing profanity and threats... but aside from that, knock yourself out.

    Also made some modifications in the signup process and such that shouldnt affect active members, but should slow the Xrumer morons to a trickle.
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    Did you figure out how some new members are circumventing the post requirements for signatures? That could be more important that ever, because it makes it easier to weed out the spammers and poor quality posters before they reach the post count threshold.

    Adding a captcha to the registration page might slow down the Xrummer morons and bots.
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    Damn. Removed my own comment. Trying again.

    Fixed it where new registrations have to be manually approved. I can stop most of the bot guys before they enter the door that way.

    Also made it where members can see who left rep. That'll stop negrep bombing by buttheads that crave anonymity.
    -- Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. --

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