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Thread: ColorTheory Vbulletin Theme

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    1. I think looks more professional, looks good.
    2. The old one wasn't great as design but was easy to read.
    3. This one is not very easy to read, i feel tired reading all messages, maybe the contrast, colors... or maybe i'm tired.

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    The template is pretty cool, but like Aquarezz said, it's a little too much on my eyes.

    I prefer sticking with the old one, can you please keep it as an option?
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    Now this forums looks really really good to me.


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    Love the theme. Nice colors, just like Chat Fusion. Like this better

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    The link color for Private Messages up at the top would probably help if it was white or something other than the dark blue / teal color that blends in. Other than that, looks like a good skin!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Zash View Post
    I prefer sticking with the old one, can you please keep it as an option?
    I can't, because the ChatFusion theme is buggy and the developer isn't fixing the bugs. ChatFusion needs to die.

    But... once we get ColorTheory working perfectly, we may be able to roll out an automated process to support additional (but similar) themes.
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    Question Do you like NB new theme?

    Folks, what do you think NB's new theme? It looks like the combination of 3 color schemes (blue, olive green, silver) of Win XP, isn't it . I'll not say that it looks bad, but I preferred the previous one. Now I often face problem to find out the Logout button. The user name is not there at top. I'm really missing the helpful "Forum Jump" menu, or I donno it that menu really exists here? What's your openion about the new look and feel of NB?

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    Note: Merged multiple threads with the same topic.

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    New NB look - Strange

    Is it just me who noticed it today? or...??

    The new look/theme may be more user-friendly but it looks so "stranger" to me as if I'm not on my usual fav NB. LOL.. It will take some time to get used to ti I think.

    Now it is quite like other forums' look.

    NB had a unique look earlier.

    All okay.. will be used to it..
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    Oh k.. so here is the thread.. It looks all okay but I may not be too pleased with the new theme. didn't see any issues or bugs yet however.. working fine.
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