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Thread: ColorTheory Vbulletin Theme

  1. ColorTheory Vbulletin Theme

    If you have a moment, please help me test the ColorTheory template for vBulletin.

    To do so, scroll to the bottom of any page on the forum and change your template to ColorTheory.

    Our current template, ChatFusion, is just too buggy -- and the developer seems uninterested in fixing the bugs I've reported.

    So, we're going to need a new template and this is a potential candidate.

    I've already made a number of changes to the base ColorTheory template:

    • Deleted the sidebar
    • Hacked a login form into the header
    • Changed the logo
    • Commented the left navbar buttons (fix for VaultWiki weirdness)
    • Add chat menu item
    • Added blog menu item
    • Added directory menu item
    • Added tools menu item
    • Commented FAQ from the top navbar menu
    • Commented Calendar from the top navbar menu
    • Commented Logout from the top navbar menu
    • Change URL of post_thanks button
    • Copied Twitter button
    • Changed the width of each entry in showthread_bookmarksite to 20%
    • Added Latest Blog to postbit
    • Added iTrader to to postbit
    • Added NBAds to to postbit
    • Added opt-out of forums code to modifyoptions
    • Add category ads

    If this template seems to work for us, I still have to finish these tasks:

    • Add forumjump
    • Add Members in chat
    • Add the Add-URL tool

    Please take a look at the new theme and let me know what you think!
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    The template looks really great. I do not see any bugs in it (except directory is not updated with the new theme yet).

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    Think I actually do like this one. Everything fits nicely my eyes will adjust to a more lively color


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  4. I'm not so sure I would have went with one of these guys skins, the coding is usually poorly done and confusing.

    Other than that, not to many issues i've seen so far.
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    I don't like the fonts you're using, they're too large and hard to read.

    I'd change a few of those to 13px instead of 14px (CSS near line 109 and 130 for example)

    Other than that... why Tahoma?

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    Yes, I would go for the previous font again, this one seems to big

    And I'm not so sure if the menu in the footer is a great idea... We'll see what others say though
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Tahoma font? How bout sticking to Verdana?

  8. #8
    Oh yes, and I'm not also overly excited with that footer menu.

  9. Ahh... the font size was large because I was testing. I just set it back to 12px.

    I was testing because I was finding the default font hard to read.

    Hmm... perhaps a typeface change would be the fix. I've just changed a few of the font settings to this: verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif.
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    Forum description font should be smaller.

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