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Will, you gotta do some blogging contest for NB!
You know like offer prizes, get people to blog and join the forums etc.
I'm having trouble designing a good contest for NB.

What do y'all think would be the best contest we could run to excite our current members and to attract new members?

The problems I've run into have been defining contest rules that:

  • Do not reward poor behavior. (i.e. posting contests that motivate people to make lots of spammy posts.)
  • Have enforceable rules (i.e. member invite contests where 90% of the new "members" aren't real people.)
  • Are easy to judge (if I have to manually determine where each of a thousand new posts is "spammy" or each of a thousand new members is "real", I will start drinking and not come back to the forum until Summer.)

Y'all are really smart -- help me come up with something!