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Thread: Display Unread Posts

  1. Display Unread Posts

    At the suggestion of homebizseo, I installed Display Unread Posts and New Reputation Comments.

    This plugin displays the actual number of posts that are still considered unread by you (and will show up in a 'getnew' search).

    There is the option to count the unread posts since your last visit, or all posts considered unread. This setting reflects the divider in the 'getnew' search display.

    The default is "Use Last Visit Date", but I switched this to "Count All Posts Marked as Unread". This setting made more sense to me.
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    Not really a fan of this feature. I'd rather just click New Posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m42 View Post
    Not really a fan of this feature. I'd rather just click New Posts.
    Yeah, me too, that annoy me. I'd click new posts as well...
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    im not really that bothered buy it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetHere View Post
    oh yes, i see it above the PM field.. 1530 too much.
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    "You Have No Unread Posts"

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    It should have since last visit, not just unread post

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    My vote is I liked being able to click the new posts link. This was I can visit the ones I want to and it will change next time I come in. Now in order to clear that unread posts I have to visit them all or click the mark all read link then the new posts get cleared also

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  8. I think it's redundant

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    Can we hide this?

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