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  • No account sales of any type should be allowed

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  • Some account sales should be allowed -- but not all (No PayPal accounts)

    13 52.00%
  • All legal account sales should be allowed

    7 28.00%
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Thread: Do NOT Allow Account Selling

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    I think violating TOS does not equal illegal...

    If I sold an account of whatever type, if it does not violate U.S. law, how is this ethically different than me using one of the proxy servers to hide my identity when surfing or to subvert local restrictions on where I can web surf?

    I mean logically, is it worse that I could buy an eBay account with 10 gold stars (or whatever their feedback is, I haven't used them in a while) or that organized crime could use a proxy discovered through the proxy sub-forum on here to commit crime? On the flip side, proxies do help promote freedom of speech world-wide (Iran and China are two examples) where the governments attempt to restrict those freedoms online.

    Being careful on how we restrict the freedom of speech of forum members of course has to be tempered with the spammer/scammer flood gates of course. I voted for all legal account sales.


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    Well accounts like PayPal and eBay, yeah I don't like those, but rapidshare or stuff like that I have no issues with. Heck I could use one right now ^_^.
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    I would prohibit the sale of webmaster forum accounts as a professional courtesy and any type of merchant accounts involving seller feedback or financial transactions like ebay and paypal.

    Myspace, twitter, web2.0, etc shouldn't be banned. But with no policy that llows them either.

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