Helping someone fraudulently obtain an ID of some kind is rampant on the net, but it neednt take place here.

In a recent example, a poster wished to sell Paypal accounts. That is a financial account, and aside from being something that could get the creator of the account banned at PP (who cares, thats his problem)... it could also open him and the buyer to fraud charges or a civil lawsuit of similar nature.

No, I'm not a lawyer, but I dont think it takes a lawyer to figure out providing or using a fraudulently obtained financial account is an easy target for a willing prosecutor.

Similarly, selling ebay accounts so that someone appears to have a reputation that he didnt earn does what? It willfully misrepresents his trustworthiness to the buyer.

Be aware that forum IDs are also bought and sold by these kinds of scammers. Today the guy behind the ID could be a benign guy with 1000 posts... tomorrow he could be someone that got banned 4 times for threats or ripping off fellow forum members.

Digitalpoint doesnt even allow this practice, and at *present* they have more scam artists than this one just based on the number of members. If we allow a blackhat activity (and this IS) that they do not... we'll boost our membership at the cost of attracting the people that'll turn this place into a snakepit. There is no ethical use for fake identification, so in making this a safe haven for buyers and sellers we assure that we'll denigrate the level of trustworthiness here.

I support the actions of the mods to shut down some previous threads of this nature, and urge that there be a rule prohibiting the sales of accounts. ~ Rob