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Thread: Don't Just Post, Contribute

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    Don't Just Post, Contribute

    Lately, I've slid into the background a little. There's a reason for this. I was expecting and still expect something from every single one of you.

    Your position as a member of NetBuilders is to ensure that every word that comes out of your fingers has a purpose. Give your words meaning. Don't post for the sake of posting. Questions have purpose.

    A few thoughts have delved my mind lately. I have concluded that it is part of my position to ensure that I be a little more tolerant of those that contribute and their ability to do so. By doing so, this should allow me to bypass any reason not to further contribute to help improve the ability of others. To those of you that are holding back, and not due to lack of time, I expect you to also accept the duty of finding a solution that allows you also to do this.

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