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Thread: Double Posting and Multiple Threads Rule

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    Exclamation Double Posting and Multiple Threads Rule


    I'm suggesting to consider a rule for double posting and prohibiting posting threads with the same content over and over again, It is just pointless.

    We got our guy oald right here with his list of obviously similar threads and I'm sure there are more members who tend to post the same thread multiple times which is terrible and useless.

    Now Mr. Oald doesn't seem too happy about this

    do we have a problem buddy?
    i see you always destroy my trade for now reason please do not replay in my trades any more this is none of your business if i open one trade or more mind your own business
    Oh yeah we have a problem "buddy". Explain how I destroy your trade for no* reason? How can it not be my business when I have to suffer viewing your threads everyday and waste my time seeing the same content again and again (at least post something new for god sake)

    This is nothing personal and I have no intention to hurt anyone's feeling but there is absolutely no need to write the same thread more than once. It does more bad than good for you and for the community in general, flooding the forum with the same content (which affects the website negatively for duplicated content).

    Thank you for reading and looking forward hearing from others.


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    yes i have 4 Threads in the first 2 there is a different price on one of them i had 10 post so i wanted to open a new one on the 3 thread this little kid replay and say that i have a lot of threads so i had to open new one that dont have his replay and i open new one and again he replayed in there i really dont know what he want from me but that piss me off trying to destroy someone
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    no offense. they made an Edit button for a reason don't you think o_o

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    I must say I defiantly agree with Aziz on this one I was stating to get a bit tired of seeing you make exactly the same threads over and over.

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    I generally don't care if its a redundant one. Nothing makes me read the thread.

    In the "Free Market Economy" of forums that NetBuilders is, I think public opinion will keep folks from commenting on multiple, repeat threads that are the same material.

    But, Aziz is correct in that the "edit" button is a powerful tool

  6. Many times, particularly in the Marketplace, you will want to close and old thread and open a new one. In those cases, it is polite to close the old thread. That's something members can do here at NB.

    In most cases, it's a better business move to edit an existing post or add a new post to an existing thread. This is because existing threads will have existing subscribers. With a new thread, you will have to earn new subscribers.

    There's no "one thread per seller" rule, but it does seem to work better for the sellers.
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