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Thread: Forum nav missing "Today's Posts" option

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    Forum nav missing "Today's Posts" option

    Most forum's in which I participate are on Vbulletin, so I tend to navigate them all the same way. My preferred method (especially on one where I act as a mod) is to roost on "Today's Posts". This is a VB standard button lost in the theme change.

    Instead, now we have two places to access "New Posts" and none for "Today's Posts".

    Those two (New vs Today's) are similar but not exactly the same. "New posts" searches and returns a list of posts made since the last visit. If you reply to one of them it drops off the list. Without explaining why "today's" works better for me (especially from a moderation standpoint)... let it suffice that I now reach up to hit that option reflexively and keep finding it isnt present.

    Can we please have that re-added in place of either the "New" or the "New Post" button? Even if it seems pedantic, it's a preference for me, may or may not be for others, but having it hurts nobody and having redundant buttons visible simultaneously for "New" doesn't help anyone that wouldnt be helped by just having one.

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    Picky are not you?

    Seeing as how I rarely use either one, it bothers me not.

    Does anyone remember, going back 30 years here, when cable television was sold to people as being able to get channels that were ad free?
    What happened in the intervening years?

  3. I looked into this and it turns out there was a conditional that was displaying the New Posts link to registered members and Today's Posts to unregistered members. I removed the conditional and made it display Today's Posts to all members. That's the second smaller link below the button bar, the one on the left to "Private Messages".

    Technically this displays posts made in the last 24h though, not posts from 00:00 today.

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    Cool. Thanks for that.

    Hey, I'm a creature of habit. Move my dinner plate 6 inches to the left and I'd scar the table before starving to death.

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