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Thread: Getting rid of large emoticons in signatures?

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    Getting rid of large emoticons in signatures?

    Would it be possible to get rid of smilies like these; in signatures etc?

    Eventually if it isn't possible, wouldn't the standard vB smilies be enough? Or maybe an extra smiley pack, but in the same size as the original ones.

    It's kind of annoying IMO that some people use these big-ass GIF's in their signatures because I want to read something but then there's an annoying emoticon playing beneath it.

    Ofcourse that's a bit exaggerated but it was the case a few minutes ago. What do you guys/girls think?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Emoticons, graphics, etc. should not be allowed in signature files.
    I go to forums where they allow graphics and to be honest signature files that have this humongous banner look horrible.

  3. Well I finally dug through the options for this and managed to find a way to completely disable smilies in signatures. I think it's possible to disable images, but currently a limit to image size is in place.

    I'm not sure about enabling this though. It would disable smilies altogether rather than just limit which can be used (which would be a tall order). How large would an interest in this be anyway?

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    you can resize all images in signatures or even disable them using only a few lines of CSS (no need to edit settings)
    tho that will not prevent the browser from loading the images (for those concerned about speed)


    /* resize images to 16 x 16 px */
    .signature img {width:16px;height:16px;}
    /* hide images from signature */
    .signature img {display:none;}
    I think in VB settings you can set the [IMG] tag "not allowed" in signatures.

  5. Aziz, you're very right. I was in a completely different mode of thinking about this and never thought of such a simple solution (at least intermediary). Thanks!

    I added that CSS in so images shouldn't be bigger than standard 16x16px smileys. Not hiding them at this point though.

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    I really don't like images in signatures as a forum member.


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