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Thread: Getting slow.

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    Getting slow.


    For some days ago, I thought it was my computer, but I see it only happens with NB.

    When I receive an email from a thread replied, and I click on the link. It takes quite around 5 or more seconds for the page to be displayed.

    Is there something wrong?
    Is there anyone that is happening the same?


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    there can be many factors, but I guess it's a link filter by the e-mail client (for example Gmail scans links before redirection, it's a security measure to prevent scams/spam etc)

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    I don't think is google, The browser shows the NB page loading while I wait for it to be loaded.

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    what browser are you using and does the same issue occur in other browsers?

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    It is about the same with chrome and FF

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    As I said, it only happens with NB. Also, I have the fastest connection in my area all websites displays at light speed

    Quote Originally Posted by cpark0123 View Post
    Maybe, your connection is the problem.

  7. Does this happen all the time or just intermittently? The servers can get overloaded sometimes which can temporarily slow things down.

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    It happens all the time.

  9. And the servers haven't been overloaded since Panda II.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    And the servers haven't been overloaded since Panda II.
    You mean this? Google Screwup Buries Tech Sites

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