What constitutes SPAMMING?


-1- Speed Posting for Count

If you are cranking out posts at extreme speed back to back... everyone knows damned well you are NOT reading a thread and responding, you're just going for count. You bring nothing to the table when you do this.

[NOTE: Intentionally posting useless fluff for count is no better if done slowly.]

-2- Puppet Shows / Multiple IDs
As a general rule most forums will slap the death penalty on ANYONE that has more than one ID. We've been known to be lax if a trusted regular member wants a 2nd ID for non-spam purposes. Ex: they'd like to take part in political discussions without potentially endangering their business ID when folks outside Google their name.

In rare cases with members we trust, we use common sense and allow another ID, but it'd pay to clear that with us if you want multiple IDs for any reason. It is a breach of forum protocol and you're on your own if you get caught.

-2b- A puppet show is a common misuse of multiple IDs. Basically someone creates an imaginary friend that agrees with them, thinks their product is grand, etc. Be assured if you are caught doing it, you are SO outta here... and we may ban your IP too. Don't even think about doing it.

-3- Plagiarism
If you use someone elses words, it needs to be in quotes and attribution given. Even then, don't make a habit of posts that are almost entirely written by someone else.

-4- Using this site to republish your blog / website
This isn't where you come to republish your blog posts. If you need an article marketing site, no problem... go to one. Just don't use this site for the purpose.

-5- BOT IDs
Doesn't require explanation. Bots are not welcome. If an ID has a whiff of Xrumer or similar, it's gone.

-6- BS Linkdrops
Nobody is telling you not to use linkdrops. We're just telling you to keep it in reason. Common sense is all that is required, and the decision of the mods is final. That's why they're mods.

-7- Self Promo
Basically... if a person mentions their own operation occasionally in the process of assisting someone in a conversation they're having, it isn't a sin. The membership includes folks knowledgeable on a host of topics and we appreciate it when they share. That said, if you seek out a stack of threads to "helpfully" offer your site, it kinda stands out. Just use your noggin. Self-promo goes in your own marketplace thread, not the others.

-8- Third Party Self Promo
A true third party endorsement is where you happen to wear a certain brand of pantyhose, someone asks about pantyhose, and you say "Leggs brand is the most comfortable I've used".

A third party-self-promo is where you are here to push XYZ.com {ie - it is yours or a client's site}, and you pretend to give a third party endorsement. "Oh yes... I myself use XYZ.com since 2 years and they are most very best!"

It is usually obvious, but that's OK, the mods will still remove your ID so fast it'll make your head swim, just because we think you're a low-life and a retard.

What is the penalty for spamming?
We don't have an infraction system. Everyone here is an adult... we don't feel a need to pass out demerits like we're in school. You might get a simple warning note if lucky, but as a general practice, we find spammers... we ban spammers.

Hey... Other states are trying to ban the death penalty, Texas is putting in an express lane. How long do you THINK?

But won't such policies slow forum growth?
Sure, but this site is not a cash cow, it is a vehicle by which we help each other.

As such, nobody here is concerned if we have 5000 members or 15. We can grow it steadily with real people and have a lot better resource than if we were preoccupied with raw membership numbers. We love to have good new members, but we aren't so lonely we'll put up with bad ones.