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Thread: How about starting a contest to blog about NB?

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    How about starting a contest to blog about NB?


    How about starting a contest to blog about NB and make it much more popular the best way. It's one of the best ways - that will look natural, at the same time, bring some cool people to our forum

    Well, here I'm listing out the benefits :-

    ---> Increase in the PR of NB
    ---> More traffic, and more sign-ups at NB.
    ---> It will help to spread about the contest from one person to the other. They will also blog about the contest in theirs. This will go on and go n ...Hopefully, we'll be getting more members again !!!

    How to do it :- (it's just my suggestion )

    ---> Start a thread for the contest, and in that those who are participating, should post the link to their blog, after they have done the blog post
    ---> The contest should not be kept for too long !! Since that will decrease the intensity of the contest !! It should not stay for more than a week !!! better to set it at 6 or 7 days max
    ---> The blog post should contain a link to the contest thread. Also, it should be of at least 100 words !!!
    ---> There should be three winners :- First, second and third. First prize should be at least $200 [ If the amount is too big at the moment for the admin, then we members are ready to share it - its again my opinion, lets see what others want to say about it ...

    The blog which describes about NB the best way should win the contest !!!

    What you guys feel about it?

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    First prize should be at least $200
    Lol.. thats too much.
    Even if its for just $50 it would be good.

    - Digital -

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    Lets see what admin, and other members have to say about this

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  5. I thought people might not like the idea of a "blog about NB" contest, because it would get grief for being a thinly veiled attempt at buying cheap links.

    If I'm wrong about that, I'm always up for a new contest.
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    @ Will

    If that's what worrying you, then there is no need of delaying the contest anymore. Like others told, if money is a problem, or the existing contests are a problem, then I won't say to start such a contest at the moment. But, if you think that its a thinly veiled attempt at buying cheap links, then I'd strongly disagree with you. This is something used by some of the best bloggers to get more traffic to their site. Then why couldn't we? If JohnChow,,and Yaro Starak can do it, then why couldn't we? If it was a thinly veiled attempt at buying cheap links, then they wouldn't have done so. They do it even now, it is not something they did in the past. They are one of the best bloggers, and they won't do anything that will decrease their reputation. IF such an act could destroy their reputaion, they won't have done so - in the same way, this contest won't destroy our reputation also. Will, we can do it !!!

  7. It's funny that you mention John Chow, as Google penalized him back into the stone age.

    He doesn't even rank for "john chow" anymore.

    I don't know Yaro. Darren is pretty sharp though.
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    I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.

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    Oops, I didn't know that even though I'm his big Fan ...You said it right - he should have been penalized by Google, otherwise he would have been at least in the 2nd page for the words "john chow" - there is no doubt that - he won't be anywhere for "make money online" and other such keywords anymore. I was thinking about why he hasn't been banned - when I saw his blog at - I think google hates those blogs which sells posts !! Anyways, thanks for the info Will, (from today onwards, I'm not his fan, I'm your fan , I already am ....

    Yup, into the topic ,

    Well, anyways, we won't get penalized for starting such a contest. And I don't think members will mistake it as a cheap trick. It'll only boost our traffic. This is something that really works. There are tons of bloggers all around the world, and our aim should be to bring them to our forum.

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    Yeah, John Chow got banned from Google; however, he got banned for two reasons. The first was because he was doing the "you link to me and I will link to you in a list post" scheme and then he was selling a ton of reviews. I honestly feel that if you were to hold a contest, you'd be able to get a huge boost. If you remember when Earners Forum launched, they had a massive contest. The trick was to blog about it so you could get new members. Now, I am not suggesting investing that much money into it. However, the simple rule of thumb is this: the better the prize, the more likely people will participate. So, here is what I'd do:

    1st Prize: $400
    2nd Prize: $200
    3rd Prize: $100

    It's $700 and I can't obviously say that's the perfect system since your money is your money. However, it'd definitely be a way to motivate people to blog about it. The links would be helpful, but more importantly, it'd send a surge of people to the site and that'd give the site a much appreciated push.

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    @ Good job Mafiamaster.

    Come on, we need more replies. Why are all others silent? Only then we'd be able to take a final decision.

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