How about starting a contest to blog about NB and make it much more popular the best way. It's one of the best ways - that will look natural, at the same time, bring some cool people to our forum

Well, here I'm listing out the benefits :-

---> Increase in the PR of NB
---> More traffic, and more sign-ups at NB.
---> It will help to spread about the contest from one person to the other. They will also blog about the contest in theirs. This will go on and go n ...Hopefully, we'll be getting more members again !!!

How to do it :- (it's just my suggestion )

---> Start a thread for the contest, and in that those who are participating, should post the link to their blog, after they have done the blog post
---> The contest should not be kept for too long !! Since that will decrease the intensity of the contest !! It should not stay for more than a week !!! better to set it at 6 or 7 days max
---> The blog post should contain a link to the contest thread. Also, it should be of at least 100 words !!!
---> There should be three winners :- First, second and third. First prize should be at least $200 [ If the amount is too big at the moment for the admin, then we members are ready to share it - its again my opinion, lets see what others want to say about it ...

The blog which describes about NB the best way should win the contest !!!

What you guys feel about it?