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    The [ame=]Ignore Thread: Allow Users to Ignore Threads of Their Choosing[/ame] mod is now installed.

    You can now ignore a thread by opening the Thread Tools menu and clicking "Ignore Thread".

    You can view your ignored threads by visiting your UserCP and clicking Ignored Threads.
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    is there a way to ignore an entire sub-forum (general chat)...?
    note: when you replace this, dont use masked URL. thanks ~ admin

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachin410 View Post
    is there a way to ignore an entire sub-forum (general chat)...?
    Go to:

    Browse to the title: How to block selected forums from your new posts display

    Have fun

    Thanks for this addon, it's very appreciated since I can now block some threads I'm not interested in at all
    |Nico Lawsons

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