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  1. July 2011 Chat

    Time flies, and another month is upon us. It's good to see the chat being more active even outside these formal events. I opted to join and reside in it most of the time even when I'm not talking (usually busy with something else), just to encourage others to join, and Will is doing this too. More people means more potential conversations.


    We seem to easily find a topic without any being formally set, and I think this is good, so long as the conversation is going and everyone learns something. But I'll propose a couple of topics to consider as well:

    1. Recent PR update. Good for you? Bad for you? How does it still even matter?

    2. Beyond Google: alternative marketing methods and their effectiveness, alternative search engines. We could talk about Google vs. DuckDuckGo and see in what ways would the SEO strategy for DDG differ should it gain enough popularity (and it seems to be doing well).


    Same process as before:
    1. Go to doodle.
    2. Select your time zone in the drop down menu (if not auto-detected already).
    3. Select days when you are available.

    For some reason I couldn't enable the "maybe" option this time (it was grayed out), so either select if you are available that day or don't select if you aren't. If over 50% sure select, if below 50% sure don't.

    The week selected is the second week of July, that is, from Sunday July 10 to Friday July 15.

    We should set the date by Friday July 8, in about 10 days. As usual there will be a global announcement an hour before it begins, and a PM to those who doodled or replied.

    Scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th at 5PM GMT (6PM CET, 12:00 EST).
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  2. From the few of us who posted availability on Doodle looks like the entire next week except sunday is good. Let's do it on Wednesday 5PM GMT (6PM CET, 12:00 EST).

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