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Thread: June 2011 Chat

  1. Thumbs up June 2011 Chat

    I'd say our last chat was a success. A number of us joined, many stayed for hours and discussed link building and other relevant topics, as well as Panda, albeit less than anticipated. It was, in a word, spontaneous, and the cool thing is chats continued for a couple of days onward. So let's do this again.


    While a spontaneous topic is always an option the topic suggestions I have for June 2011 chat are:

    1. Panda 3? There are rumors of a yet another Panda update.
    2. Improving and growing the NetBuilders community - ideas, suggestions, complaints. Ideally I'd end up with a concrete list of things we should try to improve.

    Any other ideas are welcome.


    1. Go to doodle.
    2. Select your time zone in the drop down menu and select your availability.
    3. Yes means yes. (Yes) means "yes if I have to", sort of like "maybe". No means no.

    The selected week from which to pick out the optimal date is June 5 to 10.

    The deadline for scheduling is June 1st when I'll pick the optimal date and announce it here. When the day comes I'll make a global announcement an hour or two beforehand.

    Any thoughts welcome below.
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  2. I'm a bit late, but there's still two days to go. According to the few of us who noted our availability on doodle any time except sunday is green. So how about Wednesday June 8 at 5PM GMT/UTC? If there are no objections that's when it's gonna be.

    EDIT: Date changed to Tuesday, June 7 at 9PM GMT/UTC, everyone will be notified in advance. See below.
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    If I could even remember to come here, I would join you all on chat.

    So somebody drop by here with a six pack of good beer and remind me.

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  5. Alright, something came up for me this wednesday so I might not be available at 5PM GMT, plus Loco selected only 9PM GMT as "maybe". I'm proposing a new time: Tuesday, June 7, 9PM GMT/UTC.
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  6. Errkk... Tuesday June 7 won't work for me. I had something come up after I posted to Doodle and forgot to update. Sorry.
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  7. Hmm.. another option is Thursday, but Loko isn't available then. Wednesday 9PM GMT might be doable, I just can't guarantee to get home by then, especially 2h earlier for a reminder.. EDIT: I'll see about wednesday though. If not Wednesday 9PM we'll put it on Thursday. I'll let you know in time.
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    Hmmm, did I miss it or is it Thursday?? James

  9. Yes, let's do it today at 9PM GMT/UTC. That's in approximately 2h from the time of this post. I apologize for the unexpected uncertainty over the schedule this week. I didn't expect it either.

    I'll notify everyone connected to this thread and make a global announcement now.

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    Have fun! Can't be there.

    Anyone in Budapest this weekend?

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