Every post you make NetBuilders is read by hundreds of people; make them worth reading.

Posts which don't add value to the conversation will be cheerfully removed from the forums. These posts include:
  • Posts that are content-free.
  • Posts that replicate comments already added to the thread.
  • Posts without sufficient attention to grammar, case, and punctuation.
  • Posts which can be replaced simply by clicking the "Thanks" button.
  • Posts which are off-topic.

This is not personal, it's just necessary housecleaning in order to keep the forums here useful for the readers.

Our goal is to create the best webmaster community on the Internet.

To be the best, we don't have to be the biggest. If we are the best, we will probably eventually become the biggest as a natural result.

What we do have to do in order to be the best is to focus relentlessly on quality. This is a very important task where I'm asking for help from every single forum member.

Please don't feel offended if posts which don't add value silently disappear. We don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. We're not issuing infractions or banning people. Sticky threads are cleaned up pretty rigorously. Normal threads are cleaned as necessary. Threads in the General Chat forums are pretty much ignored.

We want to be careful of your feelings, but we also want to be careful to serve every other community member who takes the time to read those threads. Please help us make this a better community experience for everyone.