I've read the latest entries in the blogs section, but I'm afraid people just use it to build links and not for sharing information. I think that it's great to let people do some linkbuilding for free, but that's not the point of this forum right?

We are here to share webmaster related stuff? And if it isn't webmaster-related, it goes into the general chat section.

Don't understand me wrong, I have read posts that had good information, which were unfortunately not on the forum, but they are between too many spam posts. Therefore they don't get any attention, wouldn't it be better to get the blog section managed?

NetBuilders has a very large staff (IMO) so it should be able to be handled right? If not, one of the admins can open a thread asking for people who want to apply for a job as moderator? I'm sure there will be people interested!

What's your opinion about all this?