We are pleased and excited to introduce a Guru program to Net Builders.

Our Guru program recognizes the outstanding intellectual contributions made by individual forum members to specific forums areas. Contributors are now being contacted and invited to join the program. Each nominee has been selected based upon their contributions to at least one Net Builders forum or sub-forum, however, it is possible to be a Guru in multiple forum areas.

Once Guru's are selected, they will be invited to participate in the nomination process. Regular members may not nominate themselves or others at this time.

Currently, nearly all forums and subforums under Webmastering are accepting Gurus. The exceptions are:

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Social Bookmarking
  3. Social Networks
  4. Search Engine News
  5. Proxy List Templates
  6. Proxy List Announcements

What does a Guru do?

For the most part, a Guru will simply continue to do what they have always done. We recognize that these members have gone well out of their way to assist others on this forum. They will, however, now have a Guru badge to signify their expertise in certain forum areas. This adds a bit of credibility to their responses and provides a goto person for new members who are especially frustrated and seeking extra assistance.

By action (not post count) alone, Guru's are effectively forum elders. They will be considered first for mod positions.

Please join me in welcoming our first round of Gurus:

Aziz: Design Guru -He also designed the fantastic badges!
Kovich: Blogging Guru, Business Guru
TopDogger: Affiliate Guru, Code Guru
Zash: Proxies Guru
Sami4u: Blogging Guru
Naweed: Code Guru
Memenode: Community Building Guru
bhartzer: SEO Guru
javanx3d: Freelance Writing Guru


The NB Team