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Thread: NB a Mess (cont

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    NB a Mess (cont

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    My browsers do not store cache or cookies. They clear after every session.

    The theme only breaks when I log. Now I notice something. Before logging in, it shows the new theme. When I log in, it attempts to load the old theme and it's broken.

    Is there a way for me to set my preferences so that it shows the new theme? The pulldown list of themes seems to be blank.

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    NB shows the new theme when I got to the hompage. But, when I log in with my username and password it shows the old theme. The old theme is broken. Theme chooser and settings are both broken. Any ideas? Can someone just change my preferences so my account loads the new theme when I log in?

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    NB loads the new theme when I first visit the site, then loads the old them (broken) after I log in.


    After logging in:

    Yes, I cleared my cache. Can't anyone fix this?

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    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Have you cleared the cookie? I know that you said that your browsers do not store cookies, but you should nonetheless check to see if it stored a Netbuilders cookie. Which browsers are you using? If you hare having problems with multiple browsers, then something really strange is going on.

    The cookie was part of the problem. I have not had any problems since I cleared the cache and the cookie. My problem was isolated to FireFox. Perhaps the problem is due to the fact that you have cookies blocked. Try turning them on as see what happens. It is possible that cookies are required with the vBulletin upgrade.
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    Cookies are not blocked, they're just not being stored long-term. They clear at the end of the session. I have also checked for a NB cookie and don't see one.

    IE is the only browser that shows anything after I log in. FF, Safari and Opera just hang after I type my psasword and no theme loads or anything.

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    I'm using Chrome and haven't had any problems other than the the initial issue when NB was upgraded.

    It seems that there's a problem with a cookie. Try making an new account for test purposes with the id of vectro1 (this way I'll know to delete it) and see if the new account gives you the same problem.

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    Registration is not working in FF or IE. It just reloads the page when I click 'Submit' and I don't get the e-mail.

    I tried logging in from a friend's computer and had the same results as I do logging in from my computer.

    vB is telling my account to load the old theme. Something needs to be set on the admin side to tell my account to load the new theme.

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    I've changed your theme to default VB4. Let us know if it's working properly now.

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    It's fixed now! Thanks!

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    Anyone have a clue what's going on with the Register page?

    A friend notified me they took a shot at registering and after filling out the form... when you execute it the form clears and you're back to scratch. I tried it and got the same thing. Also, if you click on the FAQ link shown it just takes you to the registration form again. Oops.
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