I haven't been able to log in here for weeks. Firefox says "Welcome, vectro.." after I enter my username and password, but then it it redirects to a blank page and stays there.

I finally got in using Internet Explorer, but the layout and images are completely messed up. Many images won't show and there is text overlapping text and some of the images that do show overlap other images. Really the only images that show are in the header, menu and footer, but they look broken. Anything in between like threads and posts show no images.

I can only see the first page of threads and can not get deeper. I can't even subscribe to a thread to try to click to deeper pages from the User CP because the menu buttons don't work.

Stuff has happened that I need to post about like bug fixes in cPanel and updates in Apache and a new hosting server for WordPress. Been trying to get back in here for a while. I'm in now, but it's all messed up.