If you look at the top of any FORUMDISPLAY or SHOWTHREAD page here at NetBuilders, you will now see a text link ad.

Those ads belong to NetBuilders. The ads are rotated based upon a weight derived from the number of posts each member has contributed to the forum.

If you would like your ad posted, please PM me the URL and your desired anchor text.

The requirements are:

  • You must have 50 posts. If you don't have at last 50 posts, your ads won't show up enough to make it worthwhile to add them to the database.
  • The ads must be relevant to NetBuilders. Ads for non-webmaster related products or services will not be accepted.
  • The anchor text should be interesting. Write for NetBuilders, not for search engines.

Thanks to everyone here, and a special thanks to rldowling03 for coding this system!