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Thread: NetBucks is Closing Down

  1. NetBucks is Closing Down

    The long-awaited upgrade of the software which made NetBucks useful under vBulletin 3.x never happened.

    As a result, I am (belatedly) closing the NetBucks system.

    Please contact me if you are qualified for cash-out of your current NetBucks to PayPal. Please remember to include your PayPal address.

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the NetBucks experiment!

    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Never used them anyway. No idea what it took to qualify, but either way you get mine free.
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    I should have at least a million $ in credit... you know my paypal, so...

    I still wonder who had this $NB idea...

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    So is the exchange rate one dollar (united states) per net buck?
    If not, you got mine for free.

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    Never heard that Netbucks can be convert to US$ lol. What about the rate?lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyhound View Post
    Never heard that Netbucks can be convert to US$ lol. What about the rate?lol
    I think that it is $6 USD dollar for $1000NB. The Netbucks program was a great idea at the time but the maintenance it a nightmare due to Vbullentin upgrades.

    Start making some quality posts and you should be able to hit $1000NB is a couple of days

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