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    $NetBucks - Official Thread

    $NetBucks Official Rules (version 1.0 - 25/08/2009) - UPDATE: (version 2.0 - 06/05/2011)

    $NetBucks ($NB) are now in production. Please bare in mind that some minor adjustments might be done to them at any given time.
    We're taking this system seriously, therefore we had to reset all values, which means everyone will start with 0 $NB's.

    How do I get $NB's?

    • When you create a thread you get 5 $NB + 0.01 $NB per word.
    • When someone replies to threads you've created you get 1 $NB
    • When you reply to other people's threads you get 2 $NB + 0.01 $NB per word.
    • When you start a poll you get 2 $NB.
    • When someone rates your post you get 0.02 $NB per star.
    • When you refer someone to Netbuilders you get 100 $NB
    • In your Birthday you get 50 $NB
    • If you get an infraction (currently they're disabled) you lose 100 $NB

    You can also buy $NB's from the bank (Will.Spencer ).
    Every 1000 $NB (minimum buying amount) will cost you $10 (USD).

    Are all the forums eligible to earn $NB's?

    No. Only the forums under Webmastering category, Marketplace, and Announcements and Suggestions will award you NB's. Why? Well, we're a Webmasters forum.

    What's the value of $NB's?

    The value of $NB's will vary depending on where you're selling them.

    The Bank will buy your $NB's. You can sell a minimum of 1000 $NB's at any given time, the bank will pay you $6 (USD) per each 1000 $NB (minimum sell amount).

    Can I trade my NB's with other members?

    Yes you can, you can buy, sell or trade your $NB's with other members. You can sell those for cash, for services, for sites and domains, coupons, whatever you want or need.

    Please feel free to ask any questions below.

    People found to be abusing of the system will be permanently banned from it and probably from the forum too.
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