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Thread: The NetBuilders Chat Event for May

  1. The NetBuilders Chat Event for May

    We would like to start doing monthly NetBuilders chat events where we gather together as many of us as possible to discuss a chosen topic, and hang out a little. The purpose is to add another dimension to the way we interact here. Chatting can be a little more natural and sometimes a little more fun.

    Eventually I hope we can bring in various famous net builders to do group interviews with. Imagine having an opportunity to talk directly with a famous internet marketeer, business coach, a super-successful domainer or even a Google employee to grill.

    I propose our first chat event to be in a week of May 9th to May 14th, depending on when most of you would be available and would like it the most. To help determine that let's use Doodle. I've prepared some proposed times for those seven days, 8PM, 9PM and 10PM GMT/UTC, and you can select which of those times you can be available so we can determine the best time spot. Select "Yes" if you are available, "No" if you can't, and "(Yes)" if it's not ideal time, but you'll show up if that time is chosen in the end. EDIT: I just noticed I accidentally put 9AM and 10AM on Doodle, but this was meant to be 9PM and 10PM as said above! Hopefully you're treating it as PMs. Sorry about that.

    Finally, we have to pick the topic to chat about. I suggest the latest Panda update, its effects, and how to adapt. You can also suggest your own topic proposal and if need be we can vote on them.

    So we have about 2 weeks to get this organized and scheduled. So let's do it!

    UPDATE: May chat event is scheduled on Monday, May 9 at 10PM GMT/UTC (4PM EST, 11PM CET). If you posted here, thanked, liked or doodled, you will be notified 2 hours before it starts, though we might do a global invite as well! The chat room is over here.
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    I hope there will be more response. So, this post serves as a friendly bump

  3. I'm not sure about my plans for next week yet, but will try to make it. Would be great if you can send a global pm, or at least pm the people who posted/thanked on this thread a couple hours before the chat event starts!

  4. So far we seem to have most green/yellow on 10PM (it says AM by accident, but as noted in OP it should be PM) next monday.

    A global PM is a good idea, and I did intend to do a notification before it starts.

    Thanks to all who doodled so far. DomainMagnate, you can enter your available times in Doodle as well. Just make sure you count "9:00 AM" and "10:00 AM" as 9 PM and 10 PM GMT/UTC. I promise I wont make that mistake next time.

  5. Alright, the chat event is scheduled for May 9, next monday at 10PM GMT/UTC. This is 4 PM EST, 11PM CET. I'm gonna notify everyone who had any contact with this thread (unless Will allows me to do a global PM ) about 2 hours before it starts!


  6. Chat begins in about 90 minutes! Anyone who sees this feel free to join. I also notified everyone connected to this thread.

    Since there were no other suggestions and this is a hot topic nowadays, the main topic can be the recent Panda update, how it affected you, how it affected your niche, and our industry in general, how to adapt and related subjects. We don't have to be strict. Let's keep it somewhat spontaneous and natural. We'll also use this chat to learn from to make the next one even better.

    Hope to see you in our chat room in about 90 minutes!

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