If you get a break in the action... swing over to the new Facebook company page and hit the LKE button. Figure we all live on the net, so the forum oughta join the FB world like everyone else.

I've seen FB company pages put to good use forum building, and it makes for an easier way to keep the membership abreast of happenings, promotions, threads of interest.

Incidentally, for those that know me from the forum where I've pulled supermod duties for years... I am no longer doing that, so...

  • ---{a} anyone that was nice to me to avoid getting kicked out over there is officially off the hook, and
  • ---{b} I won't do my habitual waste of time moderating elsewhere. [It gets to be a habit for us weak minded types.]

That means I have more time for my to-do list to get rolling here. Please take this chance to hit the LIKE button so you'll get any FB updates. If you find my updates boring, I suggest alcohol. It always makes it easier.