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    NetBuilders Guide

    I've put together all the useful How-To's posted in the Announcements and Suggestions forum in one thread. So that it'll be easy for the users.

    How To's

    Threads & Forums

    How to close a thread?

    You may close a thread as long as you are the person who originally created/opened it. If you would like to close your thread:

    Please navigate to Thread Tools-->Close Thread. (screenshot)

    Once the thread is closed, you should see a Closed icon above and below your first and last posts.

    How to view threads by prefix?

    Whether you're in the Marketplace, or in the Announcements and Suggestions section. You may want to view all of the threads in a particular forum by prefix (i.e. WTB, WTS, Rule). To do this simply:

    1. Scroll down to "Display Options." (screenshot)
    2. Select which prefix you wish to order by (from the drop-down menu).
    3. Click "Show Threads.

    How to
    block selected forums from your new posts display

    Go to your UserCP and click Edit Options to exclude certain forums from your New Post list. (screenshot)

    This allows each of us to personalize our own experience here at NetBuilders. This way you can make your own personal NetBuilders.

    Private Forums

    How to join a Private forum?

    To join a private forum visit the Group Membership page.

    From there you can pick the groups you would like to apply for. Each group sets it's own rules; acceptance is not guaranteed.

    How to create a Private Forum?

    These private forums are for people who wish to discuss topics privately, away from the prying eyes of Google/Digg/Stumbleupon/etc...

    Private forums are managed by their Group Leaders. To apply to be the group leader of your own private forum, send me a note with:

    • Usergroup name
    • Usergroup description
    • Forum name
    • Forum description
    • Whether you want your private forum listed on the forum home page

    --- Adding Members to Your Private Forum

    Go to "User CP" and then "Group Memberships" to approve (or deny) applications to join your private forum.


    How to contact NetBuilders Administrators/Moderators?

    If you want to contact an Administrator or Moderator, visit the View Forum Leaders page. Select who you wish to make contact with, and click "Send PM" or "Email."

    If your account gets banned or removed you can also contact through this link.

    Note: For minor issues (i.e. would like a thread to be moved) please use the Report Button () instead.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Why is there no Reputation system?

    At NetBuilders, we do not use vBulletin's reputation system. Instead, we use the [ame=""][AJAX] Post Thank You Hack[/ame].

    The reputation system is far too easily, and commonly, abused. This abuse simply gets in the way of productivity.

    People spend time greening thier "friends" and redding their "enemies". None of that makes anyone any money.

    Moreover, a green rep or a red rep proves nothing. Rep trading groups quickly form and their members easily max out the reputation system. Rep then becomes meaningless in determining anything about a person.

    The Thanks mod has several advantages:
    • The Thanks system is public, so you have to stand by your ratings.
    • The Thanks system is only positive, so people don't get upset constantly.
    • The Thanks system is tied to individual posts, so people don't just go around thanking their friends (as much).

    In addition, we utilize the iTrader mod to track members Marketplace history.

    Why is there no Freebies forum in the Marketplace?

    The Marketplace section is divided by type of product or service, not by cost. So, free themes go into the "Themes" forum, free services go into the "Services" forum, etc...

    We're trying to avoid a never-ending series of arguments over what does and what does not qualify as "free".

    If we added a Freebies section, it would start a continual war about what did or did not count as "free."

    We've seen that contribute to the failure of other forums and we don't want that to happen here.

    In addition, we would have to set up a truly silly number of forums under the free forum:
    • Free Services
    • Free Domains
    • Free Sites
    • Free Content
    • Free Themes
    • Free Scripts
    • Free Advertising
    • Free Links
    • Free Hosting
    • Free Contests

    Why is the Directory telling me to login?

    The NetBuilders Directory is built in phpLD. The NetBuilders forum is built in vBulletin. There is a phpLD-vBulletin bridge which allows the two to share account data.

    This bridge uses cookies to communicate vBulletin data into phpLD. This cookies are only created when you login to vBulletin with with the "Remember Me" option checked.

    If the NetBuilders Directory keeps telling you to login, it means for you to login with the "Remember Me" option.

    Thanks to Charles, m42, Will.Spencer, and Aquarezz.
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    If you want to contact an administrator after something happened to your account (F.E. banned or removed) you can also contact through this link.

    And maybe it would be cool for the original topic writers to put a link to their topic

    |Nico Lawsons

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    If you want to contact an administrator after something happened to your account (F.E. banned or removed) you can also contact through this link.
    Thanks! Added it to the thread.

    And maybe it would be cool for the original topic writers to put a link to their topic
    Yeah, I already did that. But the thread was not looking good. I'll add a "Thanks to [users]" instead.

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    Thread Updated.

    Added the FAQs .

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    Thx for your work.

    I'll make this a sticky thread.

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    A really great guide for new folks in the forum. THanks for putting this up all together!

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    Why this thread is not sticky ?

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    Actualy we have How To Section.

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