Want to get your website reviewed and critiqued by some top webmasters?

Join our chat at any of the times below and send us your website. We will have a look and give you some helpful suggestions.

These reviews will be about anything to do with your website. Layout, graphics, text, colours, ad positioning etc.

To join just click on the Chat Room link.

Site Review Sessions:
Session 1
10AM - 12PM Singapore Time (2AM - 4AM GMT time)
Saturday 23rd October
- m42
- Will.Spencer

Session 2
4PM - 6PM Central European Time (2PM - 4PM GMT time)
Saturday 23rd October
- memenode
- javanx3d
- Shenron

*Note to these people - the times were decided from the previous thread. If you are unable to do that time let me know and I will remove you.

If you aren't on the list and want to help out, let me know and if we need more people you will be added to the list.