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Thread: Is Netbuilders upgrading to VBulletin 4.0?

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    Is Netbuilders upgrading to VBulletin 4.0?

    Hello netbuilders peeps,

    Recently i have been pondering over whether to upgrade all my forums to the new vbulletin 4.0. Therefore, just wondering what do you guys think about the new software? Do you think will.spencer should upgrade the forum to vbulletin? Lets poll here.

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    Upgrading and using latest version is always good, but I think so far the patch is not made available, not sure will have to check it.


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    Basically those of us with vBulletin licenses prior to 4.0 are screwed.

    We have to buy new ones. I don't think I'm doing it. I don't support this blatant act of consumer defrauding.

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    it should be a free upgrade since customers already have a license.

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    Back on topic....: Yes, I think Net Builders should be updated. Any prime forum who wants to be (or appear to be) top-of-the-line should remain updated to the latest and greatest.

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    Why not ?? Will definately going to upgrade to VB4 IMO.


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    new var coming again ang again {in every 2-3 month i think} so no need to upgrade each time if there are not too much changes.
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    Netbuilders might be upgraded in the future, yet we have to make sure that all the customizations, plugins and various mods we have installed are compliant with v4... then it's up to Will.

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