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Thread: New Smilies Installed

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    New Smilies Installed

    I've been adding a few new smilies to our collection, so feel free to use them in your posts.
    The current list shows at most 27 smilies at a time, but you can always click the "more" button ( ) to find what else you can use.

    The new smilies are:

  2. Cool! Lets hope we won't need to use the last one.. much

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    I hope to use.. and then more often! Though it would be softdrink or milkshake as I don't drink!
    Live n Let Live!

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    I like the second one Thanks for the new smilies Shenron!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Yeh pretty good smilies, i like the last "spam one"
    Custom Wordpress Themer
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    Thanks Shenron for adding more smilies, I like smilies in my posts.

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    pretty good one in the list

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    Nice to see more emoticons....

    I like using them in my posts.
    Also my friend Digital_shubhi likes it.

    @ Oranges

    I love your wordpress themes..
    Been following you since you started with that $50 initial promo in DP.

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    I would like to use some of them.


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    I like this one from the new smilies and my favorite .

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