The past days I've clicked the 'PM Will.Spencer' link a lot. But then clicked the tab away. Instead I'm now going to create a thread and ask if you other members would think about this.

The point:
People (including webmasters) download from websites like Uploading.Com, Rapidshare.Com, MegaUpload.Com, HotFile.Com. Since most of us buy an account but only use it for about 2% of the time they bought it for.

Why shouldn't we share the account then? We can see what accounts there are interests for and then can spread the amount of money between the people that will use it. I think it's profitable for all of us, but maybe others don't think it's good.

Please share your opinions about this. Ofcourse only people with enough iTraders/Posts/Date on the forum will get inside so there won't be any scammers. IP's could be logged too to know who screwed up an account for example. Just an idea

Let's discuss!