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    Lightbulb Official NetBuilders Lottery

    The introduction!
    The NetBuilders lottery is something I was thinking of since the start of $NB. Like in real life you can become very rich without a lot of work -- but you can lose money too. The only thing is that this money is virtual, so in my opinion it's worth trying it.

    The game!
    Since it's just a start, there will be 100 numbers. Every member that wants to participate should pay 10 $NB per number with a maximum of 5 numbers per round per member.

    The jackpot!
    It would be cool to have some donators, but I guess people prefer playing the lottery and might win, than win nothing at all -- That's why all entries (all the 10 $NB) will go straight to the jackpot.

    The money!
    The first round, entries will only cost 10 $NB and you're only able to play 5 times. This might change as we're growing in the game. But since there are 100 numbers to choose from, and choosing 1 number costs 10 $NB this means the jackpot will be on 1000 $NB for the first round (Maximum, since there might be only a few people who play).

    The manager!
    Since I'm going to manage the game by myself and spend some time with sorting everything, I'm taking 5% off the jackpot for myself every round. I'm sure other people want to manage the game with me, or alone -- it's all fine, but you can only become manager after playing the game for a while and after you built some reputation on the forum.

    The helpers!
    I might need some help, ofcourse those people will get paid -- but not from the jackpot, but from the money I earned through posting on NetBuilders Or maybe some people might do things for free (like designing).

    There is almost no way to cheat for me, I'll write all my earnings and expenses in the lottery thread. The jackpot will be on top so you see if it's cool enough to participate or not.

    The donators!
    The lottery threads should be readed a lot (for example rules, jackpot etc) so it will be possible for hosting companies, social bookmarkers, directory submitters etc. to advertise with a banner in the topic in exchange for some $NB for in the jackpot.

    I'm sure there is an addon for this game on vBulletin, but it isn't a cool one. You play, but nobody knows you do and it's not cool to 'not-congrats' people if they won since it's not good shown. Here it will be cooler because of the social contact, and the members discussing between eachother etc

    How will the winning number be chosen?
    I'll go to Random.Org and click the 'generate' button. The number shown will be the winning number (it might be that the winning number wasn't chosen, than the money will go to the round after that) and since I'm not playing I don't care who has the winning number -- this game isn't about friends who win, it's about playing a fair game between NB'ers

    The questions?
    If there are any questions/suggestions, please make them in this thread. Before the first round will start, I'll listen to some suggestions of other members who might help!

    There isn't a better forum available for this in my opinion, so that's why I'm posting this in the business category. Please move the topic if it belongs somewhere else (thanks NB staff!)

    The values I posted are not sure yet, these might change since it's just what I think is the best to use -- but you could be smarter than me so please tell me.
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    |Nico Lawsons

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